Dr. Christian Heesch – Traits A Good Scientist Must Have

Dr. Christian Heesch is a marine biologist who uses scientific method in an effort to ensure that all of his research is conducted to a high standard. As a scientist, he understands that all of the work that he does must be accurate in order to be taken seriously. Good scientists have a number of other qualities that make them well-suited to the role, regardless of their fields of study.


Scientists should be very curious people who are capable of looking at things that many others take for granted with the aim of finding explanations for them. Without curious mindsets, scientists will find it hard to create hypotheses and will also struggle to follow-up on any ideas that they do have, often through a lack of motivation to continue if research starts taking a long time.


Scientists must be capable of playing the long game with their research at times, as there is no guarantee in any study that the results they are looking for will actually occur. It can take many years just to experience a single breakthrough in their fields, so scientists need to understand that all of their work has purpose and find ways to continue with it, even when their patience has been stretched thin.


Dr. Christian Heesch makes sure to check everything that he does so that it is as accurate as possible. Scientist must be detail-oriented and capable of spotting little patterns that may lead them to revelations. They must also be capable of noticing mistakes in their work, so that they can be corrected before publishing.