Dr. Christian Heesch Reached to the Stars

Dr. Christian Heesch reached for the stars when taking on the challenges of becoming a Marine Biologist. He continued full steam ahead with his career by furthering his education and receiving his Ph.D. in Marine Biology.

The fact that he is not afraid to get his feet wet or hands dirty, drives him forward and gives him a great sense of appreciation for the environment. One of his life’s goals is to build a marine sanctuary. Dr. Heesch has even chosen a name for his future sanctuary, “The Soldiers of the Ocean”. He envisions his sanctuary will additionally assist the preservation of marine life by educating visitors of the sanctuary in a fun and exciting manner.

Interning with the Department of Environmental Conservation in the State of New York provided Dr. Christian Heesch with insight and experience, providing the steam for him to move ahead in his career goals. During his internship there he carried out duties that included the following responsibilities:

  • Reviewed tidal wetlands, including the dredging and dredge material management and permit applications.
  • Advised and assisted regulatory parties with the developing sampling plans, permit applications, and regulatory reviews.
  • Assisted in the development of sustainable and economically feasible dredging and dredge management practices, technologies, and placement sites.
  • Took part in reviewing existing policies, procedures, and regulations, as appropriate.
  • Participated in harbor stakeholder groups.
  • Inspected and monitored permitted dredging and dredge material management projects in the marine environment.
  • Inspected and monitored restoration projects for compliance.
  • Developed and implemented marine restoration projects using dredged sediments.
  • Built and maintained relationships with government and harbor stakeholders.
  • Provided support for seasonal window workshops with harbor stakeholder groups.

Dr. Christian Heesch – Tips For Novice Stamp Collectors

Dr. Christian Heesch, working during the daytime as a marine biologist, has been collecting stamps for a number of years and he now has a number of rare pieces that he is happy to put on display. The hobby can be somewhat intimidating for those who are new to it, particularly as there are so many stamps out there to collect, so consider the following tips if you are new to the activity and want to get the most enjoyment out of it.

Invest In Tongs

One of the first things that you buy when you start collecting, outside of an album to put your stamps in, is a good pair of tongs. This is because handling your stamps with your fingers can cause a range of different issues, not least of which is the wear and tear that can devalue the stamp if you mishandle it. Get a pair of tongs and ensure they are kept clean at all times.

Collect First

While it will always be tempting to start looking for big-money stamps that can act as investments, it is important that you spend some time getting to understand your new hobby and developing a passion for it. Every stamp has a story behind it, so make it a point to collect first and then start looking towards investment opportunities when you have a little more experience.

Join A Club

Dr. Christian Heesch notes that there are many clubs available for those who want to explore stamp collecting further. These will allow you to learn more about the hobby from those who are more experienced and give you a chance to share your passion with like-minded people.